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50-hour Yin & Tantra Immersion Experience 




An exploration of Yin and Tantra practices addressing Self Inquiry

Certified by TYP & Yoga Alliance

Location: Floresta Encantada Sintra, Portugal
Dates: 22th - 28th July 2024
Faculty: Jamie Clarke & Omesh Langmann & Marina de Lima

£100 deposit
£1590 Early Bird until 22nd June
£1890 Full Price
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What’s Included: Price includes 1 catered meal/day. Tuition and materials. Upon completion of hours, students will receive a 50-hour certification, which contributes to your Yoga Alliance, registered RYT 500 accreditation.
What's not included: travel and accommodation.
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                                                                This is a brand-new journey that will explore Yin Yoga & Tantra practices addressing Self Inquiry.

Course Overview


~ Students will deepen their Yin Yoga & Chakra meditation practices through stillness and awareness, and will also work to dissolve personal and inter-personal constructs and limitations, through ‘Tantra disciplines’ (the practice of no practice!?)

~ What is Tantra? It is the science and study of energy, a path of liberation whereby it is essentially inclusive of the whole, a saying ‘yes’ to all, guided by the search for one’s deepest truth. 

~ What does this mean?
This means that whatever you think and feel you are and know about yourself and your relationships with others, we work in-depth to understand and experience these more deeply. And from there we will let them all go…!!

~ By working with energy individually, with partners and in group-work, we will be looking at what reveals, observing what dissolves and recognising what is always there.

What you get

~ Extended-length Yin Yoga (Masculine & Feminine) practices that delve into the deep tissue of the body working with our Chakra and Meridian systems

~ Taoist & Tai Chi conscious-flow practices to move energetic healing with awareness

~ Pranayama and contemporary breath-work disciplines

~ Inner-work practices of Shadow-work, Transference, Gestalt,
Parts & Inner Child Work

~ Tantra, practices and partner work will also be a significant segment of this course

A typical day


Chakra Meditation & Pranayama
Yin Yoga (Chakras)
Tantric 5 Stage Dynamic Meditation
Chakra Theory & Discussions / Reflections
Group / Partner Work
Yin & Chakra Experience Methodology
Chakras & Tantra Synergy Exercises
Tantric Kundalini Meditation
2nd Yin Practice

Application & Preparation


~ A short interview (15 mins) will be required for all students for suitability & acceptance onto the course. (Required)
~ Filled Application Form (Required)
~ Completion of TYP’s Lineage Questionnaire (Required)
~ Some inner-work experience and an orientation towards yogic, healing and therapeutic practices & disciplines (Required)
~ Some experience in Yin Yoga & meditation practices (Strongly Recommended)
~ 2 years of yoga as part of some disciplined practice is (Strongly Recommended)
~ TYP’s Live & On-Demand courses (Foundation, Advanced Level & Inner Work Level) are great experiences in preparation for this course. (Recommended)

All questions as to suitability please email: [email protected]

Your Teachers


Jamie Clarke

Jamie Clarke has been teaching Yoga since 2001. He is inspired by Yoga as a means of trauma resolution, psycho-emotional transformation, and actual spiritual growth. He is an E-RYT 200/ 500 teacher and a co-founder of The Yoga People.

His teaching approach recognizes uniqueness, using a customized ‘functional’ approach to separate out the conditioned, integrate the authentic, and develop the fullest expression of oneself.



Omesh Langmann

Omesh developed his style influenced by Western psychology, meditation, astrology, and his work experience as a Tantrika and Therapist for over 37 years. His training in Tantra and Counselling was at the Osho Ashram in India in 1989.

He founded the “Center for Tantra and Transformation” and “School for Experiential Astrology and Self-discovery” in Italy. Omesh moved to Koh Samui in 2007 and has been giving Astrology sessions and teaching meditation and tantra.


Marina de Lima

Marina de Lima is a certified E-RYT 500 and has been teaching yoga for the last decade.

Her classes are rooted in intelligent sequencing; combining breath, and movement, to cultivate space for self-reflection, and transformation.

Marina’s intention is to inspire her students to have the courage and trust to follow their hearts on their journey toward truth and liberation.



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All TYP courses are rooted in the eastern traditions of Yoga, (Patanjali, Hatha, Vedanta & Tantra) as well as having significant influences of Shamanism and western Transpersonal Psychology. This means that a student’s lineage, background, childhood and early life parenting and conditioning can be investigated, as part of course practices and exercises.
All students should consider their physical, emotional and mental condition, before embarking on any course, and should consult a licensed physician if necessary as to their current or previous conditions which could affect their ability to complete any course of study.

Please fill any pre-course application/ information out carefully and accurately, to ensure safety and appropriateness of any live or online training experience.