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Yin & Elements

On Demand 35hrs Program


Deeply explore Yin Yoga,

approaching the practice

from an elemental perspective.

Investment $480.00 USD

Certified by The Yoga People & Yoga Alliance as part of our RYT 300 & 500 hour program

Study at your own pace. Receive personalized attention to your questions & assignments. Includes workbook & access to course additions/upgrades.

Honoring Nature and the role it plays within us.

You will experience yin yoga taught with a focus on the elements and the muscle groups associated with them.

Through this course you will develop an awareness of the way each element (Earth, Water, Fire & Air) influence and play a role within us. This training will immerse you in a multi-dimensional experience of activating your physical body to access your inner world.

With the On Demand format, you can start anytime, study at your own pace and watch the videos as many times as you want. You will receive a training manual, the course recordings and assignments to complete.


  • Complete course manual.
  • 5 Elemental Meditations
  • 5 Deep Elemental Yin Practices
  • Functional Analysis on several yin poses to deepen your understanding of the practice and its application.
  • Anatomy of the lower body from a functional perspective.
  • A comprehensive overview of Elemental Psychology as per each element; Its qualities, strengths, weaknesses and how to harmonize them.
  • A broader understanding of yin yoga and its principles.
  • Personal inner work around the unconscious and upbringing and how it relates to our elemental constitution.
  • Yin class teaching methodology.
  • Dynamic meditation.
  • And more...

**The course was done live via zoom and recorded. The quality of the audiovisual material is limited due to zoom's capabilities. This does not affect the content delivered, and is presented as it was live. If any doubts arise, you can contact our assistant teachers to help you.

Jamie Clarke

Jamie has been teaching Yoga since 2001. He is inspired by Yoga as a means of trauma resolution, psycho-emotional transformation, and actual spiritual growth. 

You get

A deep  dive into yin yoga and elemental psychology, understanding the inner composition to evolve your practice together with functional anatomy, and to teach in a way that addresses the physical and elemental being.


You will receive a 35 hours Yin & Elements Certificate after completing the course + submitting assignments

35 hours On Demand Certification

Yin & Elements

Buy $480.00 USD