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Dulce Mandala

 Co-Founder. Course Director

Dulce has hosted 100+ courses worldwide training over 3000 students in different modalities. She has designed several courses based on Ashtanga Vinyasa, Mandala, Yin, Rocket & Tripsichore with a twist on Psychology and Shamanism.

She has been following a path of yoga, self-inquiry and shamanic tradition for almost 20 years. Her path includes Shamanic practices and influences from Rocket, Prana flow, Tripsichore & Yin Yoga. Her intention is to live in harmony leading to a freer experience with herself and others. Her approach encourages self-responsibility in the search of your inner guru.

Dulce created the Mandala Vinyasa Method based on the 4 Elements. The system is a blend of the Yoga styles she practiced with Shamanism and attention to intention.

By feeling the Element in the physical self, awareness in the emotional and psychological realms transpires. This creates integration.

Jamie Clarke

 Co-Founder. Lead Teacher, Depth Psychology

Yoga & Meditation: Jamie has been teaching Yoga for over twenty years. He is inspired by yoga as a means of mind & body integration, as well as psycho-emotional and spiritual transformation. His intention is to seek the deepest truth within himself and to support others in their search.
He has been mentored by several of western Yoga’s most renowned pioneers and masters in Ashtanga Vinyasa, Rocket, Tripsichore, Yin Yoga & Applied Anatomy. He currently focuses his teaching on Yin Yoga and Chakra Meditation and has developed a method and orientation of the Yin practice which activates and harmonises an individuals inherent Elemental constitution. This strengthens or supplements the Elements and their related Chakras that are out of balance, bringing awareness and healing to all layers of the Self. 
His teaching approach combines Yin and Yang, East and West. In this way, his appreciation of Eastern philosophies of Tantra, Buddhism, Daoism and the cultural practices of Shamanism, come together with the observations and thinking of the great Depth Psychologists of the West. The result is a yoga & meditation philosophy and practice combined with Transpersonal Psychology, context and process.
Depth Psychology: Jamie has traversed through his own transpersonal psychotherapeutic journey since 2007. He has an MSc in Psychology from the University of London and is a licensed Transpersonal Psychology Coach/Counsellor with an established client-centric practice. He takes an integrative-transpersonal approach with clients, which is supported by psychotherapeutic supervision and his own on-going quest for self-truth and transformation. He is a soon to be published author in the complexities and complexes of human romantic relationships.