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Our Intention


The Intention of TYP is to awaken and nurture the best Yoga teachers and Inner-Work practitioners in the world.

~ When we describe Yoga, we refer to it as part of its classical definition as described by the sage Patanjali; ‘restraining the modifications of the mind’.


Yet, in this constant process, we at TYP see ourselves as deeply being a part of finding out what that practice and process means.

~ We are passionate about uncovering what is truthful, and in so doing discovering what is beyond the impressions and conditioning of the mind.


Practicing this, means observing that something reveals, something dissolves and something is always there.

At our root(s), at the very heart of us…love is always there.

~ If there is any interruption or block to this process, then we are interested, practiced and knowledgeable about what and how we can do; to restore this essential flow.



Our Core Values


"Does this path have heart? If it does, then the path is good; If it doesn’t, it is of no use. Both paths lead nowhere; but one has a heart, the other doesn’t”.

~ Carlos Castaneda


Truth by Listening and being our own Experience (Authenticity)

~ TYP’s approach appreciates that we all have own inherent experience. By grounding in the authenticity of what arises within ourselves, it can then be possible to see what we are and what we are not. Therefore seeking our personal truth creates the ground for further practice and expression.


Yes to being Free to Question and Change (Discernment)

~ At TYP we feel that it is necessary to constantly re-evaluate our disciplines as part of our dharma. Reflecting on whether something feels right ensures our practices maintain purpose. Discerning free of dogma giving ourselves permission to change approaches when necessary, allows our growth edge to keep fresh and in focus.


Practicing in Opening to Love (To be our Fullest Expression)

~ TYP’s chemistry escapes definition or explanation. It just is. This energy fuels our practices, trainings and experiences and unlocks the potential for great personal and collective transformation. In this state we are one.

So, we journey our own path which has heart, risk everything for conscious awareness, and fearless to find our truth in the most honest expression of ourselves, whatever the cost. Then, we share it with boundless love.






TYP are a unique Yoga school

~ At TYP our primary intention is transformation and healing, as we see ‘Yoga’ as a means as well as an end.We are traditionally trained Yoga teachers, and yet we are qualified, deeply experienced and passionate about the practices and approaches of Shamanism and Western Psychology.


TYP combine multiple philosophies & disciplines

~ An integration of Yogic philosophies & disciplines (Tantra, Chakra & Elemental) & Shamanic and Transpersonal Psychotherapy models, theories and practices make up our backgrounds and personal disciplines, and therefore naturally inform the approaches, effectiveness and intensity of TYP’s offerings.


TYP provide the right tools and guidance

~ At TYP, we provide the platform, tools and guidance for students and teachers alike, to reach their fullest, most authentic expression of themselves.

It is the blend of these ingredients in TYP’s recipe that give a student the insight, power, and resilience for their alchemy and sustainable change.