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Mandala Multilevel Classes

HD Videos 
3 levels: Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced.
3 Elements: Fire, Water, Earth


Practice alongside Dulce Mandala, Katarina Rayburn & Ana Dias.

Investment $180USD

Earth Mandala

Grounding with Katarina Rayburn: Energizing the kidney & urinary bladder meridian

Pounding with Ana Dias: A deep look into the hamstring group

Earthquake with Dulce Mandala: Inversion activation

Fire Mandala

Simmering with Ana Dias: Twisting towards hearts openers.

Igniting with Dulce Mandala: A path into pincha mayurasana.

Blazing with Katarina Rayburn: A shift from side awareness into arm balances & backbends.

Water Mandala

Drizzle with Ana Dias: A liver meridian massage.

Rain with Dulce Mandala: A path into compass variations.

Storm with Katarina Rayburn: Send the legs behind the head!

Choose your Element, Build your Level

Stay tuned the Air Mandala is coming soon!